A range of

The Collect Group has developed a range of solutions to ultimately help our clients improve overall quality, drive down cost, attract more business and service existing customers better.

This sample only relates to those products we have taken directly to market. The team has also been busy working on a wide range of other projects delivered directly to our partners in a ‘white label’ arrangement.

Collect Pro

The Collect Pro platform helps small businesses automate and simplify the process of sending parcels. Linking to all of the UK’s most popular marketplaces, ecommerce platforms and other third party tools, it allows users to send parcels on a same day collection service with just a few clicks.

Who benefits from this product?

Typically eBay and Amazon sellers. They want to send their goods with multiple carriers (Yodel, DHL, Evri etc) but want a single platform to manage the process and want to speak to a great customer service team as and when they need to.

Low Cost Parcels

Low Cost Parcels is a simple, transactional website allowing casual users to schedule a same day collection or alternatively drop parcels off at over 7,000 locations across the UK, helping to take the hassle out of parcels.

Who benefits from this product?

Causal or infrequent senders who prefer the flexibility of a PAYG solution with the benefit of a simple shipping process and a reliable, same day collection.

Parcel Bag

ParcelBag is a new and unique way to send goods easily across the UK. Combining ‘smart' 100% recyclable packaging, with a clever mobile application to activate shipments, users can integrate their eBay stores easily and no longer need to worry about packaging and complicated shipping options. Simply scan the bag and request a collection / drop off.

Who benefits from this product?

Lower volume senders wanting an easy solution to sourcing packaging and selecting service levels, with the benefit of a 100% label free approach.

Driver App

Our Driver Application is a key asset to our logistical operation. Utilising optimised OCR and GPS, not only does it optimise and coordinate thousands of collections but it also feeds our respective web-portals with key management information and imagery from each collection point.

Who benefits from this product?

This platform helps The Collect Group maintain a 99.97% collection SLA through increased accountability and optimisation. Our clients love the real-time updates of collection ETAs and collection receipts.

Fleet tracking and van
optimisation portal

Initially developed for exclusive use by The Collect Group, our bespoke portal has subsequently been customised and deployed for a number of our partner organisations. The portal uses a combination of various data sources, machine learning and imagery to identify optimisation opportunities and to help direct sales resources to maximise route profitability.

Who benefits from this product?

The commercial teams use this tool daily to ensure each vehicle is optimised and generating the highest revenue possible.

Specialist Partnership Project

The Collect Group is regularly involved with “special projects” – which are generally subject to NDAs. They typically range from “lean and agile” prototypes and MVPs deployed in weeks to test concepts or processes; or longer term retained projects.

Who benefits from this product?

Our commercial partners get the benefit of our experience and our project management skills. Each project is closely monitored and comprehensive reviews are shared regularly with the respective stakeholders.