About Us

The Collect Group was created in 2012, after identifying that lower volume parcel senders did not easily have access to the same courier service levels and rates as larger volume sender did. Fast forward 10 years, and this is still the case.

What we do

We combine clever shipping software with a van operation, along with a dedicated head office team. The result? Our clients can process their online orders with ease, receive a same day collection service and have direct contact with our dedicated customer service team when things don’t quite go as planned (…which happens in parcels!)

How that's evolved?

It turns out we are really good at being commercially creative! The team loves finding solutions to tricky problems. We have developed this approach to work not only with parcel senders but with others in the supply chain – working with many of the UK’s national courier companies and well known marketplaces. We are sharing our passion for serving customers better across the sector.


The Innovation Studio consists of Customer Insight Analysts, Business Analysts, UX Designers and Software Developers, all of whom are responsible for developing our software solutions. Wider innovation opportunities around process or commercial opportunities are also considered, as well as working on internal and external projects with our partners.

How can this help you?

We are a talented bunch and love coming up with great ideas and concepts. We take particular pride in being able to deliver proof of concepts and MVPs in a matter of weeks not months, which is why our partners work with us.


Whilst many companies can develop new software, few combine this with a live logistical capability. We have an in-depth knowledge of the logistical processes and can help our clients and partners optimise regional collections. Our vehicles can quickly prove concepts as well as service a growing customer base across the UK.

How does this help you?

The operational aspect of the business has been utilised by partners on a white-labelled basis. We can use our fleet to collect parcels and test concepts - without impacting the current operation. It is also an opportunity to consolidate collections and reduce overall costs.

Support Services

A significant part of our company is our Support Service Team, offering exceptional client experiences through Customer Service, Account Management, Sales and Billing. We appreciate one of the biggest sources of frustration in the parcel industry is not being heard. To match your needs with solutions and when things go wrong, you need a great team behind you to get resolutions – look no further...

How can we help you?

The Collect Group is able to offer its support services as part of the solutions and offered. We aim for excellence not just in our software and van operations, but everything else from onboarding, training,
CS and billing. All aspects can form part of the solutions we offer our clients.

Software Development

Over the last ten years the team has developed a very lean and agile development environment. The Collect Group develops all solutions in-house, developing on a range of different platforms (PHP, Java, Swift iOS, Native Android and Flutter to name but a few) - the result being really impressive web-portals, apps and APIs to integrate our solutions with hundreds of third party platforms. The team has worked on a number of external projects and works well collaborating with external teams.

How we can help you?

Would you like us to develop a MVP in one of our coming sprints? Our clients typically have backlogs of 12+ months and struggle to get concepts to market quickly. They partner with TCG to develop modules and applications to make immediate impact on their business.

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